Founding Fathers: Unit Test Review Sheet

Founding Fathers: Unit Test Review Sheet
Your test will be given on Monday, October 2 and it will be open note. Your notes must be handwritten and
ready at the beginning of class on Monday. Use this review sheet to help yourself prepare.
Good Luck!!
Works covered this unit:
~Introduction to Puritans notes
~William Bradford Of Plymouth Plantation
~Jonathon Edwards Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God
~Benjamin Franklin Autobiography
~Patrick Henry Speech from VA Convention
~Thomas Paine Common Sense
~Thomas Jefferson The Declaration of Independence
Literary Terms: Students will be given a sentence and need to be able to identify the literary term being
Terms used so far this semester:
Questions on test: There will be 50 questions on your test.
-Multiple Choice: There will be 15 multiple choice questions (including a question or two from your notes on
Early Puritans)
-Matching: There will be 10 matching questions about the author’s & texts
--i.e. Match character to their description, match work to author
-True False: There will be 10 true false questions
-Literary Terms: There will 10 questions using literary terms on your test.
-Quotes: Yes, there will be 5 quotes on your test. They will be obvious and if you know
the text, the quote will be obvious enough that you can tell which text it is from.
Study Tips:
1. Review your notes and make sure you can answer the responding to text questions for each work listed.
-this means understanding what the text is about. (Have a short synopsis in your notes)
2. Make sure you know who the author is—where he is from, who he was, why he is a significant part of
our history.
3. Make sure you have each literary term defined and have an example listed too.
4. Review your notes so you are not completely dependent on them. If you try to look up every answer
and you have too many pages, you may not have time to finish.
5. Make sure your notes are neat and easy to read. Underline, highlight or use pens in multiple colors to
help you easily read and locate information.
6. Hint: if it has been asked on an earlier quiz, it’s fair game!
Have a question???
--Email me.