PowerPoint Presentation - Summary

Responding to Reading
Purpose of this Assignment
 To be able to summarize (paraphrase) the
author’s main ideas succinctly
 To be able to respond or react to what the
author has to say using evidence from the
story (to support or defend your point of
 These are the core skills needed for writing
literary analysis.
Reading Critically
 Engaging author in a discussion by asking questions
as you read an article or essay
 Reading closely to spot those short story elements
(character, setting, plot, conflict, etc.) and literary
elements (symbolism, foreshadowing, flashback, etc.)
Preparing the Summary
 Cite the author and the title of the text
 Indicate the main ideas of the text
 Paraphrase main ideas; quote sparingly, use key
words, phrases, and sentences
 Be objective
Preparing the Response
 Your opinion of the author’s ideas or literary
 Do you agree or disagree?
 Cite evidence from the story to back up your opinion
 For each of the stories in i, Robot, write a summary response.
 Each summary/response should be at least two paragraphs in
 The first paragraph is the summary of the story.
 The second paragraph is your response to elements of the story.
 These have no formal introduction other than a brief
introduction of the author and story in the first sentence of the
 There is also no formal conclusion other than your final sentence
wrapping up your overall opinion of the story.