Multiple Choice Questions

Multiple Choice Questions
1. The Republican vision of America as proposed by Thomas Jefferson included the ideal of a society of
sturdy, independent _______________________________.
2. In reality, Jefferson accomplished the Republican ambition of limiting the power of the
3. During the Jeffersonian era, American education exhibited the characteristic of private institutions
dominating the __________________________________.
4. During the Jeffersonian era, American education exhibited all the following 4 characteristics:
the number of colleges and universities increased
professional education did not increase significantly
private institutions were more common than public
the Republican party’s commitment to public education
5. In the early 1800s, women were often educated to be better ______________________________.
In 1784, Judith Sargent Murray published an essay that promoted the idea that women should have
the same opportunity for ________________________________________.
7. In 1800, education for African-Americans was most available in a few northern
8. During the early 1800s, the profession that normally required college training was
9. One example of dangerous medical treatment during the early 1800s was the continued use of
10. The acknowledged leader of American literature in the early 1700s, the man who created such
characters as Rip van Winkle and Ichabod Crane, was __________________________________.
11. In the Jeffersonian era, American literary figures who contributed to the rise of cultural nationalism
included all the following 4 people:
Noah Webster
Washington Irving
Mercy Otis Warren
Charles Brockden Brown
12. Many early American literary figures glorified the virtues of American people and
13. The intellectual products of the rational skepticism of the late 1700s included all the following 4
the philosophy of deism
the idea of universalism
attacks on religious superstition
the rejection of the idea of the Holy Trinity
14. The “rational theologies” of the early 1800s emphasized ________________________________.
15. Overall, the Second Great Awakening resulted in increased belief in salvation attained through
16. The Second Great Awakening resulted in all of the following 4 developments:
an increased membership in the churches embracing revivalism
active participation by women who flocked to revivals in large numbers
an acceleration of the growth of new Protestant sects
the emergence of black preachers who became important leaders of the slave communities
17. In both England and the United States, the Industrial Revolution began in
18. All of the following were effects of the invention of the cotton gin:
a strengthening of the textile industry in the South
an increase in industrialism in the North
a transformation of economic life in the South
an increase in the export of cotton from the United States
19. The beginning of the American Industrial Revolution during the early 1800s resulted from all of the
following 4 developments:
technological advances imported from England
the appearance of better transportation systems
new inventions such as the cotton gin
the development of advanced steam engines
20. The invention of the cotton gin led to the spread of cotton growing into
21. From 1800 to 1820, major changes in the United States transportation system included all the
the development of a large merchant marine
the invention and spread of steamboats
the expansion of domestic shipping
the building of turnpikes
22. In the early 1800s, most of the United States land area was occupied by
23. Jefferson sought to make his victory in the election of 1800 a “revolution” by reducing drastically the
size and power of the ____________________________________.
24. During Jefferson’s administration, the city of Washington was best described as a raw provincial
village whose population increased _____________________________________.
25. As an individual, President Thomas Jefferson displayed
26. The growing nationalism of the late 1810s and 1820s was reflected in all the following 4
the foreign policy of the federal government
the adherence by many people to a set of shared sentiments
the growth of the economy
the patriotic celebrations every Fourth of July
27. When the charter of the Bank of the United States expired in 1811, state banks issued bank notes that
28. Between 1800 and 1820, the American textile industry experienced all of the following 4
it expanded tremendously both before and after the war
it saw the opening of the first American mill to combine spinning and weaving under one roof
it suffered from the British dumping underpriced goods on the American market
it experienced less foreign competition after the tariff of 1816
29. In 1807, the federal government appropriated money for the construction of a
30. By 1820, the United States had seen significant progress in transportation in the form of significantly
improved ________________________________________.
31. In 1817, when the federal government considered the bill to provide funding for internal
improvements, ________________________________________________.
32. Following the War of 1812, westward expansion increased because the Indian opposition to white
settlement _________________________________________.
33. Before 1825, the main routes west were the
34. The greatest problem with the cotton economy of the Old South was the
35. The principal crop of the Southwest of the early 1800s was ________________________.
36. John Jacob Astor created a fortune in his ownership of the
37. Many trappers and mountain men lived peacefully and successfully with
38. Major Stephen H. Long led an 1819 and 1820 expedition that labeled the Great Plains the
39. The president who was the last of the Virginia Dynasty was _____________________________.
40. The “era of good feelings” became a popular label for the administration of
41. The period 1817 to 1821 became known as the “era of good feelings” because there was only one
42. In negotiating the Florida question, John Quincy Adams was able to obtain the cession of Florida
when Jackson seized the Spanish forts at ___________________________________________.
43. Under the provisions of the Adams-Onis Treaty, Spain ceded all of
44. The Panic of 1819 was the result of a speculative boom in the economy that ran for a number of years
before the panic. The causes of that speculation included all of the following:
a land boom
easy credit from the Bank of the United States
increasing world prices for American farm products
exceptionally high prices for American farmers
45. The controversy over whether Missouri would be admitted as a free state or a slave state illustrated
46. Under the Missouri Compromise, the entrance of Missouri as a state of the Union was paired with the
admission of ____________________________.
47. Under the Missouri Compromise, slavery was prohibited in all the rest of the Louisiana Purchase
north of the southern border _________________________________.
48. The John Marshall court was responsible for strengthening the interests of the propertied and
49. Marshall’s decisions in Fletcher v. Peck and Dartmouth College v. Woodward dealt with the
protection of contracts from violation by _________________________________________.
50. In the 1819 case of McCulloch v. Maryland, the Supreme Court decided that the doctrine of