Assignements - Lemon Bay High School

Ch 7-11 in LEP (7-10/17 8-10/24 9-10/31 10- 11/7
Pg 77-121 in Flag 11/21
11- 11/14)
Primary Source Reading
Controlling Factions in the Republic by James Madison (AI 94-97)
Minority Right in the Republic by Timothy Ford (AI 97-99)
Washington’s Farewell Address (AI 111-113)
Extending America by Lewis and Clark (AI pg 129-131)
The National Vision by John Quincy Adams (AI pg 141-142)
Scholarly Writings
Economic Interpretation of the Constitution by Charles A. Beard
A Kind of Revolution (pg 61-81 Zinn)
Research Paper
6 pages, select one of the following. 8 pages including
Bibliography and Cover page. Double spaced. (11/28)
Jefferson vs. Hamilton
Jefferson’s Dualism
“The Party of Jefferson”
Timed take home essay: thirty minutes (11/4)
Analyze the reasons for and the ways in which American society reacted to three of the
The growth of slavery and free black communities
Indian Resistance
Republican Motherhood and increased education for Women
Jeffersonian Democracy’s increased emphasis on the “common man”
DBQ Era of good Feeling (11/18)