Jefferson, Madison, Monroepresidency

Jefferson, Madison, Monroe
Important Issues for the Republicans =
A. Expansionism = Louisiana Purchase
Oklahoma, Arkansas, Kansas, Colorado,
Montana, Nebraska, and the Dakotas +
Wilderness Road
= Era Of Good Feelings
A new spirit of pride and national
unity, superiority of America, loyalty
rises, emphasis on education
Thomas Jefferson
Diplomat, Architect,
Writer, Scientist,
Founder of the University of Virginia
Father of the Declaration of
Thomas Jefferson= 3rd
Costs & Simplifying Finances
Judicial Changes
on Judiciary : impeaching
judges : only for criminal
Marbury vs. Madison
strengthened the Supreme Court =
Judicial Review
The West is opened
The Wilderness Road: Cumberland
Louisiana Territory
 $15
France Needs $$$$
Louisiana Territory
+ New Orleans
The U.S. doubled in size!!
Lewis & Clark
Lewis and Clark Expedition
2 years
Great Discoveries
TeachersFirst Resource Listings
Aaron Burr
Election of 1800
Burr and Thomas Jefferson each had
seventy-three votes, and the House of
Representatives on the thirty-sixth ballot
elected Jefferson President and Burr
Vice President;
Aaron Burr
Lost the election of 1800 by 2 votes !!
Wanted to start another country, exposed
by Hamilton.
Burr challenges Hamilton to a duel with
Alexander Hamilton Dies
 challenged
and mortally wounded Alexander
Hamilton in a duel fought at Weehawken, N.J.,
July 11, 1804; indicted for murder in New York
and New Jersey but never tried in either
Escaped to South Carolina
then returned to Washington and
completed his term of service as Vice
Arrested and tried for treason
 in August
1807 for attempting to form a republic in
the Southwest of which he was to be the head, but
was acquitted;
Went abroad in 1808
returned to New York City in 1812 and resumed the
practice of law;
Died in Port Richmond
Staten Island, N.Y., September 14, 1836; interment
in the President’s lot, Princeton Cemetery,
Princeton, N.J.
Newspaper Article : Explain the
Presidential Style
National Administration
Judicial Changes
4. Westward Expansion
The U.S. Enters the War of 1812
As Napoleon expected, war
broke out , last for 12 years.
2. Blockades &
 Force Americans
to become Brit Soldiers..
3. The Chesapeake Incident
Entered American Ship – forced
 Brits
4. War Hawks
 Henry
Clay, John C. Calhoun wanted war.
 1. Southern planters & western farmers hurt by
Brits trade restrictions.
 2. Native American clashes in the West blamed on
English. Armed them.
Embargo Act
all trade between US & Europe
Hurts the US the most.
Repealed after 2 years.
The War Hawks
Hate Indians
Tecumseh organized
Creeks to not sell land
Confiscated weapons
from Indians were made
by England
Mr. Madison’s War
 The
War of 1812
 Britain and American Conflict : the Final time
 Tecumseh,
a Shawnee leader, believed that Indians
needed to unite to protect their land.
 His
brother, the “Prophet” lived in traditional
Native American way of living in Indiana.
William Henry Harrison
Governor of Indiana is Prepared to stamp
it out!!
¼ of Harrison’s troops killed or wounded.
Shattered Indians belief in their Prophet’s
Tecumseh fled to Canada.
that British were helping the
The War of 1812
Andrew Jackson is a hero in Battle
of New Orleans
The Treaty of Ghent: restored
boundaries. Little else.
The Second War for Independence
Changes from the War of 1812
Northern boundary of Louisiana Territory
 No more quarrels over boundaries
 Britain and U.S. agreed to 10 yr. Joint
occupation of Oregon Country
Opened Western coast to U.S.
Spain gives Florida to U.S.
Star Spangled Banner
Scott Key wrote this anthem.
National & Sectional Feelings Grow
The Great Foreign Disputes are
settled. One party rule.
2. Rapid Economic Expansion
3. Beginning of the Machine Age :
Lowell – factories
 Women
 Choices for Women
Seth Thomas – mechanical clock
Machine Age
Machine Age
Is Born
Lowell Mills
Factory System
Women Workers
ELi Whitney
Cotton is King !!
Seth Thomas
Mechanical Clock
National & Sectional Feelings
Era of Good Feelings: Nationalism
2. American System
3 Protective Tariffs
Jackson invades Florida.
 Expands
the border.
 Seminoles = runaways
 Raids against Americans, Spain cannot control.
Jackson & troops enter Fla.
 Destroyed
villages & seized The Spanish
settlements. Removed the Governor.
 Spain gives territory to US = Adams Onis Treaty.
4. Transportation Improvements
 Erie
Canal in 1825.
5. The Second Bank of the U.S.
 National
bank to disperse money, make loans, &
control state banks.
6. Monroe Doctrine
 The
USA is not to be “considered as subjects for
future colonization by any European powers.”
 Prevents
others from interfering in the Latin
American political affairs.
7. Missouri Compromise
 Missouri
entered the Union as a Slave State.
 Maine came in as a Free State.
 Union
had 11 free & 11 slave states in 1819.
 Missouri Compromise preserved a balance.
 Henry Clay is the author & promoter.
The Missouri Compromise:
Clay composes = The Great
It resolves conflict for 20 years!!
Growing Sectionalism
for :
Clay organized and campaigned
Cheap Labor
Maine is admitted as a free state.
 Keep
a balance between the states!!
Missouri is admitted as a slave
the balance in the SENATE.
Louisiana Purchase is Split
Spheres of interest
1 for Slave Holders
1 for Free Settlers
North is Free
South is Dependent on Slavery
President Monroe signs in 1820
 Stability
= Era of Good Feelings
New Inventions Change Lives
The South Becomes a Cotton
 Eli Whitney’s Invention
 A land rush
 Running a Cotton Plantation
 Financing a Cotton Kingdom
Industrial Revolution Spreads
The Use of interchangeable parts
B. The growth of Mills
C. Working Conditions
D. The Boarding House
 Lots
of rules
 Attend Church
E. The First Factory Strike
The Southern Economy
Cash Crops: Tobacco, Cotton,
Indigo, Rice
Cotton Becomes King
= 2 million bales of cotton
1860’s = 4 million
2/3 of the U.S.’s export trade
White population = 6 million
347,525 were slave holders
were planters/ held 20 or more
8,000 held 50 or more slaves
11 held over 500 slaves
Most were Yeoman Farmers
 They
worked on the land themselves.
depended on slavery
Most worked on Plantations
2 groups
Field Laborers
House slaves
Coping with Slavery
– Dreams of Freedom
Resistance & Rebellion
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