Globe quiz, 7th October 2007
Round 1
1. What is the name of the Geordie darts commentator who called his style of
commentary "TV shorthand"?
Sid Waddell
2. Which country has a flag containing nine blue and white stripes and a blue
and white cross?
3. Which US private investigator TV series opened with an answerphone?
The Rockford Files
4. What is the name of a wooden or metal peg joining two adjacent boards or
5. What country did the tango originate in?
6. Which Labour MP was given a final warning by the Labour party after an
unauthorised trip to Iraq?
George Galloway
7. What Enid Blyton character and car is 55 years old?
8. What US offices were broken into on 17th June 1972?
9. In the UK, which chocolate bar is number one in sales as a confectionery
item and a biscuit?
10. Which infamous athlete failed his 2nd drugs test in 1993?
Ben Johnson
11. What is the answer to this sum: the number of lives a cat has multiplied
by the magnificent men on film, plus the number of blackbirds in a pie?
12. All I ask of you is a song which appears in which of Andrew Lloyd Webber's
Phantom of the Opera
13. Custer's last stand happened in which state in 1876?
14. What is the 7th armoured division of the British Army more commonly
known as?
Desert Rats
15. What are the Lady and the Tramp eating when they have their first kiss?
Spaghetti (and meatballs)
16. What do aborigines call Uluru?
Ayers Rock
17. How many strings are in a string quartet?
18. What English culinary dish is a two word anagram of pale pipe?
Apple pie
19. In which theatre are the World Snooker Championships held?
The Crucible
20. Carole Hersee featured daily on BBC TV from 1967 – where did you see
The test card
Round 2
1. The name of what city in Nevada means 'the meadows'?
Las Vegas
2. 3 million World War II soldiers had a pin-up of which film star wearing a
bathing suit?
Betty Grable
3. What colour was the Blackpool tower painted in 1994 to celebrate its
4. On which part of the body would you get whipped by a bastinado?
5. What was the only Beatles number one hit which had a one word title?
6. A doctor in Bath invented a cheese biscuit called a Bath what?
Bath Oliver
7. April, August, December, February, January – what is the next in the
July (it's alphabetical)
8. From which UK city can you take a liner to America, a ferry to France or
the train to London?
9. Which song contain the line "the corn is as high as an elephant's eye"?
Oh what a beautiful morning
10. What was the first name of Horatio Nelson's mistress, Lady Hamilton?
11. What is the longest classic horse race restricted to 3 year old fillies?
The Oaks
12. Which grated hard cheese do Italians sprinkle on pasta?
13. What do the Roman numerals for 6, 6 and 500 spell?
14. What comedy duo's catchphrase was fan'dabi'dozi?
The Krankies
15. The Khyber Pass links Afghanistan with which other country?
16. How many small coloured squares are there on the outside of a Rubik's
17. What is the only non-living sign of the zodiac?
18. What was Arkwright's first name in Open all hours?
19. Which food gave Popeye extra strength?
20. Which British university has the most students?
The Open university