urban problems in developed and developing countries

Pages 134-141
1. What is happening as a result of the manufacturing industries moving to the suburbs?
2. What is happening in cities such as NY, Toronto, Frankfurt, with regards to their infrastructure?
3. How have other levels of government helped out with this? Why would this not be an option for
developing countries?
4. What is the cycle of poverty discussed in the reading?
5. What is the recommended cap to spend on housing? How is this not possible for low income
people? What choice must they make?
6. How is the large increase in the population’s age going to affect the fiscal squeeze already hitting
7. What is the “heat island effect”?
8. How is our “throw away society” affecting cities and the environment?
9. What is the common experience for migrants, both adult and child, to cities in developing countries?
10. Since the economies of the developing countries are lacking good jobs, what do many migrants have
to do for work?
11. Why are these cities and countries unable to build schools and hospitals to handle the growing
12. What are conditions, both physical and social, like in squatter settlements?
13. Why have governments determined that it is pointless to destroy the squatter settlements?
14. What has the World Bank been doing to help eliminate squatter settlements?
15. Why are developing countries hit hardest by natural disasters?
16. How are developing nations damaging the environment?
17. What is the situation facing many cities in developing nations regarding useable water?