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Squatter Settlements

Squatter Settlements
Use the information found at the link below to answer each question. Please use complete thoughts.
1. What is a squatter settlement?
Any collection of buildings where the people have no legal right to the they are built upon.
2. How are squatter homes constructed?
They are often constructed with poor materials.
3. What are some names for squatter settlements?
Favelas in Brazil, Bidonvilles in French, and Bustees or Slum in India
4. Where are squatter settlements typically built?
Usually on the edges of cities in the world’s poorest countries.
5. Use the map (enable adobe) Which regions have the highest levels of population living in
squats? Central Africa
6. What type of work do most squat residents perform? What is the downside of this type of
work? They work in the informal sector. The gain no tax revenue from the government
7. List some (6-8) issues that slum/squat dwellers deal with?
Unsanitary conditions, marginal lands, lack of rubbish collection, poor quality of buildings, Lack
of planning, lack or piped water, lack of toilets, lack of formal jobs.
8. What are some positive aspects of squats?
A strong sense of community and they can be the springboard to success
9. What are the major solutions to squat living?
Redeveloping the squatter areas