Chapter 4 Review Questions Which country started colonies in the

Chapter 4 Review Questions
1. Which country started colonies in the Americas first?
England, France, or Spain
2. Which colony made huge profits as a result of tobacco sales to Europe?
Virginia, Plymouth or New Netherland
3. Another name for a lawmaking branch of government is _legislature_____.
4. This colony was established on a bay, which provided a harbor hear the Atlantic Ocean for
easy access to shipping and trade. Plymouth
5. Jamestown’s location was a poor choice for a settlement because it was swampy.
6. From which European country did the Dutch come? Netherlands
7. Which colony was established by the Dutch? New Amsterdam
8. What area of what is today the USA did the French claim? the Mississippi River
9. England’s first two attempts to establish colonies in North America were on this island.
Roanoke Island
10. In what year was Jamestown established? 1607
11. Merchants from this country were most interested in the wealth that could come from the
fur trade. France
12. John White’s settlement on Roanoke Island is known as the The Lost Colony .
13. What did Spain establish to convert Native Americans to Christianity?
haciendas, missions or presidios
14. What was England’s first permanent settlement in North America?
Roanoke, Jamestown, Plymouth or New Amsterdam
15. John Smith’s book, A Description of New England, is an example of a primary source___.
16. Who helped the first colonists in New England by teaching them how to fish and farm in
their new home? Tisquantum
17. This man was a Pilgrim and governor of Plymouth. William Bradford.
18. Samuel de Champlain established this city in what is today Canada. Quebec
19. The area at the edges of New Spain was called the borderlands.
Chapter 4 Review Questions
20. What Florida town was the first European settlement in what is now the United States?
St. Augustine
21. Large farms are also called plantations.
22. What is the Spanish word for forts? presidios
23. Most settlers from this country were of the Protestant religion. England.
24. In the borderlands of New Spain, some settlers built large ranch houses called haciendas .
Be prepared to answer these constructed response questions:
1. What impact did missionaries have on Native Americans in New Spain?
2. Why was Jamestown a poor location for settlement?
3. What kinds of activities made up the early economies of North American colonies?
4. Why was the House of Burgesses important?