Unit 1 Exam Review

Unit 2 Exam Review
Assignments due by Tuesday
Roanoke Island
 Jamestown Advertisement
 Salem Witch Trial
 Passenger Manifest
 Project
Skills to study
To decipher political cartoons that
revolve around the New England
Colonies – Pilgrims and Native American
 Interpretation of charts: Economy and
Results of Bacon’s Rebellion
 To express opinions over which location
you would like to live in (Plymouth or
◦ Backing up opinions using historical evidence
Supporting Opinion
State your opinion clearly
◦ The reader should not have to guess what your
opinion is
Support your opinion with facts, not more
◦ The more concrete information you use, the
stronger your opinion becomes
Use counter-arguments to strengthen your
◦ By comparing to other points, you can strengthen
your points
What happened to slavery after Bacon’s
Rebellion (1676)?
 Use data from the pie charts to answer
the question.
Political Cartoon
Political Cartoon
How does this political cartoon relate
to the one on the previous slide?
Plymouth vs. Jamestown
Plymouth and Jamestown were the first truly
successful English cities in the New World. They were
extremely different from each other in almost every
way. Which of these two settlements would you like
to live in: Plymouth or Jamestown? Be able to back
up your opinions with facts of the colonies/cities
themselves and explain why the other city would not
be a good choice to strengthen your argument.
Steps to answer this question:
State which city you would like to join.
Explain by providing examples why you would like to
join that city and why not the other one.
Three Regions
There were many differences in the development of
the New England, Middle, and Southern colonies.
Your task is to choose two different topics listed
below and explain how each region connected with
that specific topic. Your answers need to be specific
and detailed using information from class.
Steps to answer this question:
Write the topics on each of the lines provided.
Explain briefly how each region handles these topics.