Social Studies Vocabulary Chapter 4, Lessons 1, 2, 3

Social Studies Vocabulary
Chapter 4, Lessons 1, 2, 3
expedition – journey made for a special purpose
colony – settlement far from the country that rules it
Columbian Exchange – movement of people, animals, plants, diseases, and ways of life
between the Eastern Hemisphere and the Western Hemisphere following the voyages of
conquistador – Spanish word for conquerors that came to the Americans in the 1500s.
ally – a friend who will help in a fight.
conquest – capture or taking of something by force.
colonist – person who lives in a colony.
convert – to change from one belief to another.
society – a group of people forming a community.
encomienda – grant given by the King of Spain to wealthy settlers in New Spain.
mission – religious settlement where missionaries live and work.
Plantation – a large farm with many workers who live on the land they work.
missionary – a person who teaches his or her religion to others who have different beliefs.