Immigration text

Immigration and Urbanization
1. What were the nationalities of the immigrants who were
immigrating to the US ?
2.What were two reasons that immigrants were coming to the
3. What did it mean to travel in “steerage”?
4. What were two of the reasons that immigrants might be
sent back to Europe from Ellis island?
5. According to the cartoons on page 338, why were some
Americans concerned about immigrants coming to the US?
6. What type of work did most Chinese immigrants do when
they came to California?
7. define “Nativism”
8. what were two of the reasons that nativists opposed
immigration to the US?
9. What was the long term effect of the Chinese Exclusion Act?
10. What is the definition of “urban population”?
11. Why did the population of cities grow so much in the late
1800 and early 1900.
12. What were three problems associated with the rapid
growth of American cities?
13. define the term “political machine”.
14. What is “graft”?
15. What was the mission of Jane Addams’ Hull House?
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