The Great Immigration Debate

The Great Immigration Debate
"...The ones who come here
are usually the most stupid of
their nation...They are not used
to freedom and do not know
how to use it properly ...
Unless the stream of these
people can be turned away
from their country to other
countries, they will soon
outnumber us so that we will
not be able to save our
language or our government." Benjamin Franklin
"Everywhere immigrants
have enriched and
strengthened the fabric of
American life. "--John F.
"Americans are not a
narrow tribe. Our blood is
as the flood of the
Amazon, made up of a
thousand noble currents all
pouring into one." -Herman Melville
The above quote and graphic are from
What do the above quotations mean? Do you agree or disagree with them? Why?
Brainstorming Session
Read the following questions and discuss them with someone in English. Take notes on
your ideas.
What do you already know about immigration?
Are you or your family members immigrants? Where are you from and how and
why did you come here?
What is immigration reform?