Chapter 21 Study Guide

Chapter 21 Study Guide
Know and understand the following vocabulary and people:
Yellow journalismChinese Exclusion ActVaudevilleCompulsory educationAcculturationNativistSteerageAngel Island and Ellis IslandSocial GospelRagtimePogromLocal colorSalvation ArmyUrbanizationChautauqua SocietyR.H. MacyMark TwainJames EadsJoseph PulitzerJames NaismithJane AddamsMarx BrothersFredrick Law OlmstedThe push and pull factors for new immigrants.
Where the different classes lived around cities and why.
New inventions that improved space and transportation in the cities.
Explain how immigrants preserved their traditions but acculturated into US.
Explain the reading habits, what was read, written etc…