Chapter 18: Industry and Urban Growth

Social Studies 8
Chapter 18 – Industry & Urban Growth
A New Industrial Revolution - pp.608-613.
Key Terms:
Patent -
Assembly Line -
What is the Business Cycle?
List three (3) factors that led to the Boom of Industry?
What is Standard Time?
How did the Bessemer Steel Process change industry?
Who was the “Wizard of Menlo Park”?
Big Business & Organized Labor - pp.614-619.
Key Terms:
Entrepreneur -
Corporation -
Monopoly -
Trust -
Free Enterprise -
Collective Bargaining -
What is a Robber Baron?
What is a Sweatshop?
What were four (4) problems that led workers to organize?
Cities Grow and Change - pp.620-624.
Key Terms:
Urbanization -
Tenement -
Settlement House -
Why did cities grow rapidly after the Civil War?
What were some problems that tenements had?
What were some problems of urban life?
How did reformers help the urban poor?
What were some leisure activities that cities offered?
The New Immigrants - pp.625-629.
Key Terms:
Steerage -
Assimilation -
Anarchist -
What factors led people to immigrate to the U.S. in the late 1800s?
How did immigrants try to assimilate?
How did Nativists feel about immigrants?
Education and Culture - pp.632-635.
Key Terms:
Compulsory Education -
Realist -
Yellow Journalism -
What were schools like before 1870?
Why were newspapers like The New York World popular with readers?