University of Phoenix Material
Virtual Portal Exploration – Frank J. Ball Sr.
Access the virtual organization portal from the link on the rEsource page. Two entities of interest
within the Virtual Organization Portal will be explored: Northwest Valley Community College
and Boardman Corporate University.
1. To access Northwest Valley Community College, select the Northwest Valley Community
College at Kelsey Campus from the Education Virtual Portal.
2. To Access the Boardman Corporate University, select the Virtual Businesses Organization
Portal. Click on Baderman Island. Once on the Baderman Island Web site, select the
Baderman Island Employee Access link. Click “Continue to Baderman Island Resort
Employee Site” and select the Operations link. Locate Boardman Corporate University
(BCU) and select the link, “Click here to be redirected to the BCU page for Boardman
Management Group.”
3. State five points of Interest about Northwest Valley Community College:
 Both a physical on-campus location and online campus.
(4) Associate Degree Program types and Certificate programs
Budget & funding documents available for viewing
Summary of First-Year Seminar from Provost
Academic proficiency of incoming freshmen
4. State five points of interest about Boardman Corporate University (Accessed through
Baderman Island’s Boardman Management Group):
 No cost education for employee
Support for managers through customized training development
Standardized orientation for employee success
Developed for employees at all levels
Both online format and face-to-face training
5. Conduct research within the virtual organizations portal (e.g., businesses, education,
healthcare, government). Review course catalog descriptions within the Northwest Valley
Community College. Identify two educational needs from two different virtual organizations
that are not fulfilled currently through courses offered at Northwest Valley Community
College. Explain your choices.
 Holding a BS in Accounting and Finance focusing on forensic accounting and auditing, I
reviewed the accounting and business courses first. Within the accounting course catalog
there is only one course ACC 101 that mentions anything about Global business accounting.
With the convergence from the current accounting standard GAAP (Generally Accepted
Accounting Practices) United States standards, to IFRS (International Financial Reporting
Standards) Global standards, by 2018, all publicly held companies in the US will have to
switch their reporting to IFRS standards. With that in mind and not knowing if a student will
end up working for a publicly held company more attention should be placed upon
instruction in Global business accounting and learning IFRS to ensure that graduates with
accounting degrees are prepared for any job position.
All of the accounting and financial scandals that led to the passage of Sarbanes Oxley Act of
2002, and the continued accounting and financial scandals that have diminished faith in the
profession since the passage of Sarbanes Oxley, ethics in the profession has been a very big
subject of topic. In both my two-year and four-year accounting programs there was a
professional ethics class which discussed the problems that have rocked the accounting and
financial profession. I did not see one listed in the course catalog and none of the accounting
course descriptions mentioned anything about accounting or business professional ethics.
6. Conduct research within the Baderman Island Resort Destination in the Virtual Businesses
Organization Portal and explore the virtual tour of the island including its hotels, restaurants,
transportation, and entertainment and recreation available to guests. Review the course
catalog descriptions within Boardman Corporate University linked through the Boardman
Management Group. Identify two employee professional development needs from two
different services provided on Baderman Island that are not fulfilled currently through
courses offered at Boardman Corporate University. Explain your selection.
 Having been in the hospitality industry and looking over the course offerings by the
Boardman Management Group, I have noticed some KEY missing course training not
being offered. Federally mandated training is not on the list and sexually harassment is
one that pops out very quickly especially in an industry such as this. A restaurant
manager may not know that telling one of his waitresses everyday that ‘She looks nice’ or
‘Did she do something different with her hair’, could be consider sexual harassment if he
never went through a training program. This could potentially set him up for serious
employment charges and the company for litigation or fines for not providing the proper
Another federally mandated training is ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act), since
1990 Americans with Disabilities have been petitioning the government for equality in
employment and public access and have been getting some very stringent laws passed.
Suppose Baderman Island has a ‘No Pet’ policy yet someone with a disability shows up
with a service animal; are they to be denied access? Someone who has not gone through
ADA training might deny them access and cause Baderman Island/Boardman
Management Group a very embarrassing situation and a legal suit. ADA requires that
anyone needing the services of a service animal be granted access to any place no matter
what. Also managers and HR need to understand the employment rules when it comes to
hiring/firing someone with a disability.
Boardman Corporate University has 14 course listings for its corporate training which is a
good start but is not nearly enough for the size of the operation and the services it provides.
The missing federally mandated training is a red flag that the corporate training needs some
restructuring to ensure that the company meets all of its training obligations.