Entering 4th Grade

Entering 4th Grade
When a beloved teacher is replaced by substitute Viola Swamp kids will behave,
or will they?
DeFelice, Cynthia
The Ghost of Cutler Creek
Allie Nichols faces an exciting mystery for the "ghost magnet" to solve. (Series.)
DiTerlizzi, Tony
Spiderwick Chronicles
This popular series has won a number of state book awards.
Funke, Cornelia
Mortimer, never reads aloud to his daughter Meggie because he posses a
mysterious gift which brings book characters to life. Unfortunately it also sent
Meggie’s mom into the very book from which the evil villain Capricorn came!
Gantos, Jack
Joey Pigza Swallowed the Key
Joey’s meds never seem to last until lunch by which time he is almost always
neck-deep in trouble.
Hiasson, Carl
In this humorous mystery, 3 unlikely middle-school kids lead a protest to save
endangered burrowing owls.
The Capture
Unlikely heros, barn owls, begin this series in the forest of tyto with the
disappearance of eggs from nests, and capture by strange yellow-eyed owls.
Lewis, C.S.
Chronicles of Narnia
Three children learn wisdom from an uncommon - and furry - new neighbor.
Elegant illustrations complement the wry humor in these three tales.
MacDonald, Megan Judy Moody Gets Famous
Judy Moody is full of energy and clever ideas. Moody will fill the spot left by the
completion of all the Junie B Jones titles.
Pilkey, Dav
Captain Underpants
Any of this gross series is guaranteed to please.
Taylor, Mildred
Let the Circle be Unbroken
This is the sequel to Roll of Thunder and continues the saga of the Logan family
in the 1930s.
Yourgrau. Ill. Tony. My Curious Uncle Dudley. Duncan Peckle's parents leave him with his
eccentric Uncle Dudley.
One of the best children’s books ever written it will warm your hear and help
children learn many of the morals of true friendship.
What can I do to help my child be ready for 4th grade?
Read, READ, READ!! The books on the back of this sheet will bring laughs and wonderful warm
memories of reading together for both you and your child. Your student may find these books too
challenging. If that is the case just pick up the titles at a lower grade level. It is important not to choose
books that are so difficult that students give up. You can check the website for books that are at the
reading level indicated for AR. All books on the list are available at Nashville Public Library.
Take your child to the Public Library for the Summer Reading Program, June 2 – July 15! SEE
Book Adventure (on the website) is like AR but students can take tests from home and earn points.
You will need to sign them up for this. The site is sponsored by Sylvan Learning!
For more lists of books, suggestions on fun summer activities here in Nashville, and
sites that will help your child prepare for next year check out our website and click
on PARENTS. The Links for Learning website will be maintained with lots of fun
learning activities and games over the summer!
MOST IMPORTANTLY – Here’s what your kids want you to know about helping
them learn to love reading!
Let me pick my own books!
Reward me when I reach a goal that we set!
If reading is so cool – let me see you enjoy reading!
Make reading together fun. Summer reading shouldn’t be like doing homework!
Questions? Contact me via email at karen.mcintyre@mnps.org