Saint Book Report

Saint Book Report
Please read a full length book about a saint of your choice, and answer the questions below.
Please show the book to Sister by __________________
Book Options:
Books by Mary Fabian Windeatt
Books in the Ignatius Press Series
Any other saint book with teacher’s approval.
1. Name of your book, author, and publisher
2. Summarize the life of your saint in three or more paragraphs. Include the following
A. Childhood of your saint.
B. Was there an important decision that they made? What was it and why did they make
this decision?
C. Give a detailed account of one important event in the life of your saint.
D. Describe how they died.
3. What did you like about this saint?
4. Is there anything you found about this saint that reminds you of yourself?
5. To whom would you recommend this book?