6th Gr Religion Saint Book Reports

Saintly Book Reports
Some books feed our minds, some help us
figure out how to do things, some are fun… and some
can also really touch our hearts. Choose a book from
the class saint books, or from the library, and then
pick one of the following ways to share what you
encounter in that book.
1. Heavenly Reporter: you are a reporter who has
direct access to Heaven; you go there for an exclusive,
inside interview on St. ______’s perspective on
something (perhaps on life?). Write the transcript of
the dialogue
2. They Travel to See You: St. ______comes to your
home or to Mount Aviat to visit for a day. Write a
dialogue that you have with the saint, including
comments about what things are like today
3. Children’s Book: create a children’s book about an
interesting episode of St. ______’s life, or summarizing
his or her entire life
4. Explorer of the Past: you are a daring explorer who uses a time machine and then publishes accounts
of your adventures. Write an account of your travel back to meet St. _____, what you saw during your trip,
and what you spoke about with him/her
5. See-The-Saint Report: create a very large outline of St. ______ (at least 2 feet in height), and illustrate it
to look like him or her, including items associated with him/her, and clothing that he/she might have
worn. On the different parts of the body (except for the face), glue these parts: name of saint, time/place
that they lived, biographical summary (including listing the main events of their life when a child, young
person, middle aged, and elderly), favorite part of the book, interesting fact(s) about him/her, opinion
about the book
 Content: this is the most important part of this project; show that you have read the book; be sure
to include comments and examples from his/her life
 Illustration: include some strong illustration
 Length: 2-4 pages (except the children’s book, which will have fewer words per page, but should
be longer)
 Neatness: will count—for example, anything cut out should be cut along a straight line; text should
either be handwritten very neatly, or typed
 Spelling and Grammar: will count—be sure to proofread
 Deadlines: will count as part of the grade, especially the final due date
Image from: http://ubdavid.org/youthworld/winners2/graphics/18_heaven-welcome.jpg