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Kapil Gupta
38/14, Tilak Road, Dehradun (U.K.)
To enhance and explore all kind of capabilities within me through the mode of hard work and self
actualization that ultimately benefits to the society.
 Bachelor of Technology (Biotechnology) + Masters in Business Administration (Marketing) an
integrated dual degree course, from Graphic Era University, Dehradun (2009-2014) with an
aggregate 64.43% .
 Intermediate from Scholars Home, Dehradun , CBSE Board in 2009 with 64%.
 High School from Scholars Home, Dehradun , CBSE Board in 2007 with 70.80%.
1. Organisation: Emcross Pharma Pvt Ltd.. Roorkee , Dist-Haridwar (U.K)
Project Title: “Microbial limit test”
Designation: Technical Trainee
Duration :6 weeks(15th April -30thmay, 12)
Key Learning: In this Industrial Training I learnt to perform the fermentation process, various
methods used for testing and eradicating number of microbials that infect packaging of medicines
and also their validity process. This Training helps me to see and know the production, bottling and
packaging process. Here I experience and understand the real life situations in industrial
to that, industrial training also makes me understand the formal and informal relationships in an
industrial organization so as to promote favourable human relations.
2. Organisation: Graphic Era University, Dehradun.
Project Title:”Biochemical production of ethanol using molasses”
Designation: Technical Trainee
Duration :7 weeks (10TH Feb-30THMarch, 12)
Key Learning: In this Mini Project I studied the basic techniques of fermentation in very small
scale. Here I come to know how to select preferable microbes which get cultured in Vivo techniques.
Finally collect bio products from them (here ethanol) using suitable physical conditions and Media.
3. Organisation: CSIR- IGIB(Institute for Genomics and Integrative Biology), DELHI
Project Title: “Identification for targeted strand of DNA using DNA biosensors”.
Designation: Technical Trainee
Duration :15 days(10-25, July,13)
Key Learning- Various Molecular biology techniques like Real time PCR, PCR, spectrophotometer
and working of DNA Biosenser.
4. Organisation : FRI(Forest Research Institute), Dehradun
Project Title: “ Cultivation Of Oyster Mushroom”.
Designation : Technical Trainee
Duration : 60 days(1stArp -1stjune, 14)
Key Learning: Here I come across various variety of edible mushroom (Pleurotus fungi) that are
cultivated through modern techniques, which seems to have huge potential in future either as edible
or as medicinal product.
Basics - MS Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access).
Quite comfortable with Windows Operating Systems like Windows 98/XP/Vista and various
operating system packages such as Microsoft Office 2010 & earlier.
C –language, PERL Language.
Good understanding of the internet and related technologies
Participated in workshop on “In-silico Drug Discovery and Drug Designing: A Practical Approach”
organized by Department of Biotechnology, Graphic Era University in collaboration with
Attended International conference on “New Horizons in Microbial Biotechnology and
Pharmaceutical Sciences” organized by Himachal institute of Life Sciences and Himachal Institute of
Pharmacy Ponta Sahib in collaboration with State Council for Science Technology and
Participated and presented poster in the “Regional seminar on Current Trends in Pharmaceutical
and Biopharmaceutical Industries” organized by Department of Biotechnology, GEU under the
sponsorship of Uttarakhand State Council for Science and Technology, Dehradun.
Received prizes at various Athletics Competitions at school level.
Received 3rd prize in Event Mockpress organized by Grafest-11 in November at Graphic Era
Playing Chess and Badminton,
Watching Scientific channels like Discovery, National Geographic, Animal Planet etc
Observing Plant, Animal and Humans natural behavior.
Yoga and gymnasium at early dawn
Willingness to learn and share knowledge.
Quick learner
Strong Personal integrity
Analytical skills
Practical and Operational knowledge of various laboratory instruments like optical microscope,
Compound microscope, Centrifuge, Incubator, pH meter, Water bath, Spectrophotometer, laminar
air flow, Autoclave, Hot air oven, Thermocycler (PCR), Vortex etc.
Practical Knowledge about various techniques such as: Serial dilution, Spreading, Streaking, Agarose
gel electrophoresis, SDS-PAGE, Ion exchange column chromatography, Dialysis, Restriction
digestion, Ligation, Transformation, PCR etc.
All through the course of B-tech performed several experiments in the respective laboratories and
Fields of molecular biology, micro biology, cell biology, protein engineering, enzyme technology,
biochemistry, immunology, RDT etc.
Efficient in performing various bioinformatics tools Secondary & Tertiary protein structure
prediction, primer designing and techniques.
Worked on Practical Extraction and Report language (PERL) a high-level general-purpose dynamic
programming language. Worked on online available bioinformatics tools such as AUTODOCK,
BLAST, FASTA, UNIPROT, Clustar W and techniques.
At ease to effort anywhere in the India and oversees.
Date of birth
24/Nov/ 1991
Father’s name
Mr. Mahesh Gupta
Languages known :
English & Hindi.
Kapil Gupta