BS 223 Introductory Biotechnology 2008 Spring Lecturer

BS 223 Introductory Biotechnology
Spring, 2014
Lecturer : Hak-Sung Kim (
• Course description
This course covers the recent progress in biotechnology comprising a variety of areas and
technologies, focusing on how key technologies are integrated and combined with basic biology
together. To explain the principles and basic concepts of biotechnology, this course will deal with
biopharmaceuticals, therapeutic proteins, and bio-chemicals as targets, introducing related key
Major focus
- Overall process development for high-value added products such as therapeutic proteins,
biopharmaceuticals, and bio-chemicals in conjunction with key technologies
Key technologies
1) DNA and Protein chips
2) Proteomics technology
3) Metabolic pathway engineering and Synthetic biology
4) Protein design / engineering
5) Cell culture technology
6) Bio purification technology
7) Nano-medicine
• Critical points to learn :
- How basic biology knowledge is integrated with key technologies in biotechnology
- How biotechnology should be established to be economically feasible for a profit
• Grade
- Attendance : 10 %
- Test (Quiz and Final exam) : 50 %
- Term project: 40 %
Topics will be provided
• References
- Gary Walsh, Biopharmaceuticals : Biochemistry and Biotechnology
- Michael Shuler and Fikret Kargi : Bioprocess Engineering : Basic concepts