Job Description for BU Student Board

Position Available
Brigham and Women’s Hospital/Harvard Medical
Seeking a highly motivated recently graduated Biology student or a junior/senior
Biology student for a training position to work on cutting edge projects exploring
the mechanisms of autoimmune disease/inflammation. Must be able to commit
for at least one year. Projects use genetically modified mice and focus on
autoimmune kidney, arthritis, and muscle diseases. These projects include: novel
pathways that regulate macrophages and T cells, macrophage biology linked to
autoimmune disease, pathways instrumental in non-resolving inflammation and
tissue injury. The student should have a background in biology, preferably,
immunology and molecular biology. Prior lab experience including independent
research projects is preferable. Laboratory techniques will include PCR, Realtime PCR, immunohistochemistry, flow cytometry, cell culture, and ELISA, etc.
Candidates with prior background in these techniques would be preferred.
Discussion and independent thought are encouraged in the lab. Interested
individuals should send a letter of interest and resume to the Principal
Investigator (Dr. Vicki Rubin Kelley) of the laboratory via email
([email protected]).
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