Gendered Resistance at Times of Economic Crisis

Gendered Resistance at Times of
Economic Crisis
Are you an activist, policy-maker or researcher interested in
gender and development? Are you concerned about the
current economic crisis?
Friday 30th of October the GADNET and GADIP networks
arrange workshops and seminars on these highly topical issues at
Annedalsseminariet, University of Gothenburg, Seminariegatan 1a
(or through the garden at Övre Husargatan 34).
10-13 Invited speakers (room SA302)
 Hameedaa Deedat, researcher and activist, South Africa
 Ewa Charkiewitcz, researcher and activist, Feminist Think Tank
 Sara Spånt, Department for Economic Opportunities, Sida
 Maria Hernández Padrón, School of Global Studies, Social
Anthropology, University of Gothenburg
 Moderator is Anja Franck, Department of Human and Economic
Geography, University of Gothenburg
(Presentations are enclosed below)
13-14.30 Lunch (Assembly hall/Aulan)
14.30-16.30 GADIP workshop (room 302 or 303)
14.30-16.30 Dream-catcher seminar (room 403)
(See detailed programme below)
Find an orientation map at
Announce your presence as a Gadnet or Gadip-member no
later than October 21 to [email protected]
Ewa Charkiewicz is an academic researcher and activist with an interest in
critical globalization studies and in feminism and ecology as new social
critiques. Recently she has conducted research on women, poverty and
financial crisis in Poland, and earlier this year she undertook a study on women
and financial crisis in Eastern Europe for AWID. She worked with the Institute
of Social Studies in the Hague, coordinated the World Bank External Gender
Consultative Group, and worked with DAWN as its research coordinator on
sustainable livelihoods. Ewa also held a Rockefeller fellowship on engendering
human security at the National Research Council on Women in New York.
Since 2005, Ewa has been involved with the Feminist Think Tank in Poland.
Her publications include co-authored books and reports. She is now writing a
new book on feminist Foucualdian analytic of transition 'from plan to market'.
Hameedaa DEEDAT
Hameedaa DEEDAT is a South African and a qualified researcher. Her areas of
specialisation are water services and trade. In 2000 she participated in the
Gender and Economic reforms in Africa Program (GERA), a program run by
Third World Network- Africa. Since then she has conducted research on
gender implications of job losses for women in the clothing sector in the
Western Cape. This research was used as a policy paper during the 2002 WTO
rounds in Cancun. She has made several presentations both nationally and
internationally on the issue of gender and trade. In conclusion, a gender activist
whose entire life is dedicated towards challenging and engaging neoliberal
policies that impact on all vulnerable groups, and women and children in
particular. Her hope is that through pressure at both the local, national and
international level she will in some small contribute to the efforts of the
millions of men and women who are the catalysts of change- those who believe
that another world is possible, one where people come first!
Sara Spånt is a Policy Specialist, Team Market Development, at the
Department for Economic Opportunities, Sida. Sara Spånt has recently
joined Sida after working for nearly 7 years at the International Labour
Organization (ILO), both in Bangkok and Geneva, focusing on youth
employment, in particular youth in post-conflict countries and young women.
Her current work at Sida focuses on employment, market development in postconflict countries, and Women's Economic Empowerment (WEE). Her
presentation will focus on Sida's ongoing and planned work in the area of
WEE, which is a rather new concept and priority for Sida, identified by the
Swedish Minister of Development Ms Gunilla Carlsson. The presentation will
include Sida's definition of WEE, thematic areas and approaches, as well as
case examples of Sida supported programs and ideas of how to better integrate
WEE in development cooperation.
Maria Padrón Hernández is a Ph.D. student at School of Global Studies, Social
Anthropology. Her research deals with everyday economics in Havana, Cuba.
In Cuba, economic crisis and reforms in the early 1990s have placed new
demands on urban households. While there is still a comparatively high level of
social security provided by the state, areas of daily consumption require
increasingly diverse and informal strategies to meet basic needs. The paper she
will present will specifically deal with gendered responses to and experiences of
economic constraint in Havana.
For further information and publications, see
Anja K. Franck is currently teaching and writing a PhD in Economic
Geography at the Department of Human and Economic Geography at the
University of Gothenburg. The focus of the PhD is on EU trade relations with
ASEAN and its gendered implications. She has a history in both parliamentary
politics and within development and aid NGOs in Sweden.
Programme 29-30 oktober
12.00-15.00 GADIP meeting E509a
12.00-15.00 Node-meeting E409a
15.15 Possibility to attend Naila Kabeer’s presentation at the conference
Globalisation and Development, School of Global Studies
17.00 Dinner Gyllene Prag
10.00-10.10 Welcome and introduction, room SA302
10.10-10.40 Speaker 1 Hameedaa Deedat
10.40-11.10 Speaker 2 Ewa Charkiewicz
11.10-11.30 Coffee
11.30-12.00 Speaker 3 Sara Spånt
12.00-12.30 Speaker 4 Maria Hernández Padrón
12.30-13.00 Panel Discussion. Moderator Anja Franck
13.00-14.30 Lunch Assembly Hall
14.30-16.30 GADIP-workshop with invited speakers Room SA 302 or 303
14.30-16.30 Dreamcatcher seminar with invited speakers SA403