För dig som övergår från Etableringsuppdraget till

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För dig som övergår från
Etableringsuppdraget till Arbetsförmedlingens
ordinarie verksamhet
For you who are transferring from
the Introduction Assignment to the
regular activities of
When 24 months have passed, the right to receive introduction benefit
and an introduction plan ends. If you still need support from us at
Arbetsförmedlingen, you will receive a new employment officer. You will
then have access to the regular services of Arbetsförmedlingen.
Review your personal finances
If you participate in Arbetsförmedlingen’s programmes, you can receive
activity support or development allowance.
This is not the same amount as introduction benefit. There may be a
period of waiting in the transition from one benefit system to another,
and the compensation may, in many cases, be lower than it was
previously. You can also contact the municipality to find out if you have
the right to receive supplementary income support.
Call us at 0771-416 416 if you are interested and would like to know
more. You can also visit your nearest employment office, or visit us at