Homework Nov. 16th-20th

Name _________________________
as has
who it
Write your first and
last name using upper
and lower case letters.
Write 3 words that
begin like your first
name and 3 words that
end like your name.
Take 3 objects and
compare which one is
the longer and which
one is the shortest.
Write the order.
Name one thing
that the Native
Americans grew?
( crops)
Name 3 different types
of homes that the
Native Americans lived
1,2 Buckle My Shoe
Make sure you are using
your magic reading finger to
point to words as you read.
(Parents, help your child
accurately demonstrate oneto-one correspondence as
they read and point).
Write the word wall
words 3 times each.
Practice writing
numbers to 20 using
the correct
formation. Practice
counting by 5’s and
Find the word in the
nursery rhyme that has
the most syllables.
(Parents, syllables are like
the beats you hear in a word.
You can clap your hands to
help count the syllables or
hold up a finger for each
Syllable you hear.)
Why were some Native
Americans farmers and
some were hunters?
Starting in the middle, choose one assignment each night. By
the end of the week, you will have a Tic-Tac-Toe (3 in a row).
*Challenge: complete more than three boxes!*
Be sure to use proper D’Nealian handwriting to reinforce
what we are learning in school. Have fun! 