Online dictionary - Northwest Middle School

Using Reference Materials to Expand Vocabulary
You may use these internet resources to help you answer the following questions.
Dictionary Practice
How big is a carat?
What does estival describe?
Osculate is a fancy word for what romantic action?
Is there a word for the individual prongs of a fork?
What does the “X” stand for in x-ray?
Pakistan, Afghanistan. What does the –stan at the end of so many countries mean?
Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis is our longest word. What does it
8. It’s one thing to read blogs, but can you think of the two words blog is short for?
9. What does pulchritudinous mean?
10. If you say “gesundheit” after a sneeze, does it mean the same thing as “bless you?”
Thesaurus Practice
1. How about a four-syllable word for good?
2. If something is really bad, why not express it with five powerful syllables?
3. This is one way to describe love in four syllables.
4. Here’s a way to say different in six syllables instead of three.
5. This five-syllable adjective is a nice alternative for knowledge or experience.
6. Healthy is a great word, but see if you can find a longer and more expressive option.
7. Do you like this four-syllable substitute for happy?
8. Don’t use a tiny word to say small—try four syllables.
9. Here’s a whopper of a six-syllable substitute for wonderful.
10. Sometimes you want to say something is sad, but want a stronger word.
Encyclopedia Practice
What is the most likely meaning for the “jay” in “jaywalking?”
Be glad you get to say MP3 instead of the very technical full name.
What do you call the pale, half-moon shaped part of your cuticle?
What infamous fruit has a mighty stik, yet can also taste like banamna and carmel?
What’s the technical term for couples who call each other names like honey bunny?
When you barbecue, you’re using a very old word from Haiti. What did it originally mean?
You’ll be surprised by what the “O” and “K” stand for in O.K.