Dictionary Terms

Dictionary Terms
Guide Words – words found at the top of each page.
The word on the top LEFT side indicates the FIRST word
found on the page. The word on the top RIGHT indicates the
LAST word found on the page.
Syllabication – the breakdown of a word into syllables. Indicated
using small dots between syllables or empty spaces
between syllables. Found in the entry word.
Pronunciation – tells how the word is pronounced using phonetic
spelling and symbols. Found in parenthesis near the
beginning of an entry word.
Part of Speech – tells the part of speech that the entry word is. It
is indicated by a variety of letters typed in italics.
Noun _________________
Pronoun ______________
Adverb _______________
Interjection ___________
Verb _______________
Adjective ________________
Preposition ______________
Conjunction _____________
Forms – indicates different forms of a word with endings such as:
-ed, -ing, -s.
Definition – tells the meaning or meanings of the word.
Etymology – shows the origin/history of a word.