Geography 10
Los Angeles Earthquake Worksheet 2
Ms. Ripley
Geography 10
Los Angeles Earthquake Worksheet 2
Ms. Ripley
Read the article “Mountains move in quake’s wake” and answer these questions:
1. What exactly happened to the mountains and hills of the San Fernando Valley on
Jan. 17, 1994?
2. Where exactly was the epicenter (or centre) of the earthquake?
3. How powerful was the earthquake? (Use the Richter Scale.)
4. Name three faults near the epicenter.
5. What types of damage did the earthquake do?
6. Why are the small faults in the area more dangerous than the well-known San
Andreas Fault which runs through the length of California?
7. Why is the fault along which this movement occurred called a “blind thrust fault”?
8. Why did people living at a distance from the epicenter feel the ground shake for
longer than 10 seconds?
9. Which two large plates grind past each other in California?
10. What complicates this geological flow (plate movement) in the Los Angeles region?
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