Argument outline—Simon and Ehrlich population debate


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Assignment 6: Final Paper

This assignment needs to be 2-3 pages, typed, double or one and one half spaced, 11 or 12pt font. It needs to be completed for recitation week of Dec 6 (the last week before the final exam). You need to turn in a paper copy during your recitation and an electronic copy to BEFORE recitation. Late papers will not be accepted.

You have now had four debates: Animal rights and factory farming; Carbon trading; Trees and forest-use planning; and Wolves. For this paper you are to choose ONE of these debates to return to and expand upon. You can either:

1) Re-state the same position you argued previously, this time using more supporting material, and knowledge from the debate itself (such as how to address counter arguments), or

2) Argue a different position from an earlier debate, explain why you changed your view and argue your point effectively.

Either choice you make, this paper offers you the opportunity to return to a prior debate and strengthen your argument. You are expected to draw from what you learned during the debate (such as counter arguments), from lecture, the textbook, and at least three outside sources (can be web-based, but must be properly cited).

Your paper must include:

 A thesis statement (introducing your argument).

 A clear and concise explanation of your position.

 An explanation of the problem (i.e. deforestation, climate change, etc.).

 Proper use of material to support your position.

 Explanation of counter arguments against your position.

 Defense of your position in light of these counter arguments.

 Use of at least two perspectives from the class/textbook (this can be one for your case and one against).


A quality paper will include the following structural elements:


Thesis stating your position at the beginning of your paper.


Following your thesis should be the supporting points for your perspective which will also address the questions above (you should have at least 3 supporting points).


Each supporting point should draw from sources including the book and outside sources.


Argue from your perspective against at least one other perspective.


Closing statement that returns to your thesis statement to show how it is true.


Include references in your paper and attach a bibliography using a consistent reference style.

More on how to write a quality paper:


Do not rely on your spell check to catch all your spelling and grammar mistakes. If you do you will end up with easily caught mistakes like “boulder” as the city you live in.


Please feel free to use Wikipedia as a starting place for your research, BUT don’t cite it in your paper.

In addition to the above guidance, please see the documents on the class website entitled: Paper assignment guidelines , How paper grades work and the sample papers.