Grading Rubric for Research and Debate

Grading Rubric for Research and Debate
Debates: Full Credit
50pts—Must speak clearly, be convincing and
have specific arguments backed by your research.
Be able to respond to the contrary sides’ arguments
and answer questions posed by teacher and judges.
25 pts—you must take notes on the debate and ask
pertinent questions to both sides that would render
further discussion. Participate with your other
judges and reach an honest decision as to which
side won the debate and be able to explain your
reasoning behind that decision.
Worth a total of 200 pts.
STAYING ON TASK: Remember, that this is a persuasive essay, and not an essay that
shows both sides. You must prove, throughout your paper with facts, statistics, etc. from
your research, that your thesis is correct!
Have I referred to my thesis statement in each paragraph? Have I organized my paper well,
with a good introduction, a solid body with various supporting points, and an excellent
conclusion that wraps up the research and leaves little doubt that your thesis is correct?
 When I have restated others’ ideas to support my thesis or argument, have I
summarized these ideas in my own words, not theirs?
 Have I given proper credit to my sources?
AVOIDING CARELESS ERROR: Has my paper been proofread? Have I used correct
grammar and spelling? Have I avoided using me, my and I?
4 pages
1 Works cited
12 pt. font
Double spaced
6 sources
Parenthetical Citations
Various source used
{Multiply by 2 for grade}
Total possible points for project is: 275
Due date: A—Dec. 18, B—Dec. 19.
Debates will take place Jan. 5-8.