Welcome to the Magellan Debate Project * 2009 version *

Welcome to the Magellan Debate Project – 2014 version …
You now have your team, your topic, and your side. Next …
For parts of the next three weeks, you will have research and writing time during the Interdisciplinary Studies. This
means that – in total – you will have 13 hours during which to work. The debates will begin Monday, March 10.
You and your partner(s) are to analyze your topic and come up with the arguments you think will help you to win your
debate. You should also spend time coming up with what you think your opponents will say, as that way, you will be
ready to refute their arguments.
You will also need to individually prepare a paper on your topic – at least 4 pages, double-spaced, 12-point font, and 1
inch margins. This paper should have a thesis statement and multiple support paragraphs. You may select either side of
your topic for this paper. This is to be a formal persuasive paper. You need to use parenthetical documentation and
have an annotated Works Cited, both in MLA style. You may not use the paper during the debate while you are
speaking. You will need to rely on note cards. You will need to have at least 7 sources.
The point breakdown for the debates is as follows:
Daily grade:
3 points per day for good work habits x 10
Research paper grade (Due March 10)
Parenthetical Documentation
Works Cited
Debate speech
This will contain a 5 minute affirmative opening speech, a 5
minute negative opening speech, 2 minute rebuttals from each
side, followed by 1 minute rebuttals from each side.
(If 3 on a side – 7,3,1)
Debate Performance
Visual Aid
Participation at the debates
Careful completion of debate score sheet
Whether you win or lose will not impact your grade. The prize for winning? Winning teams will be invited to a lunchtime pizza party to celebrate.
NOTE: This is essentially an individual project. We expect that you will do your best to work cooperatively with your
partner; however, we understand that sometimes partners don’t work out. If your partner does not do his or her job,
and you do your job well; the only consequence might be not earning the pizza party.