Great Society Debate Rubric

The ‘Great Society’ Debate – IB History
Today and Thursday are the days to defend your stance on Lyndon B. Johnson’s ‘Great
Society. After having read the chapter and directly following the introduction, we will split into
groups: Those who believed the Great Society was a success and those who believed it was a
o With a partner, list both the pros and cons of Johnson’s ‘Great Society.’ In order to
create a compelling argument, you must first consider what the opposing side will lead
with in order to build your defense and offense. You will have the rest of today to
Examples include:
Poverty - What programs did he create, and how effective were they?
Civil Rights – Proactive or reactive? Were they original to his administration, or the brain
child of JFK’s?
Healthcare – Did he improve the system, or just increase taxes?
o On Thursday, the Pro-Great Society group will speak first, defending their stance.
During their presentation, the Anti-Great Society group will take notes and prepare
for their presentation. This process will take no more than 20 minutes.
o After the Pro group has finished, the Con group will make their case while the Pro
group takes notes, and prepares closing arguments: these notes will be collected for
a participation grade at the end. (20 Minutes.)
o After both sides have spoken, I will open the floor to closing arguments from each side.
This is the time to defend your thinking in a respectful manor. I will allow five
minutes to each side to close, if needed.
Knowledge of Content
Reading apparent; able to pull information from text
Citations noted in both preparation notes and in speaking
Came prepared with questions (Homework)
15 points
Debate Etiquette
Responded to Opposition with respect
Practiced active listening skills (notes)
Abstained from cellular device usage during the debate
15 points
Spoke at least 3 times during presentation (This will be organized with group beforehand)
Worked diligently with partner
Addressed opposing arguments
Took meaningful notes during opposition’s presentation
15 points
45 Points Total