Minibeasts saving the world

Minibeasts saving the world!
Situation- The world has been polluting to much and our community has
forgotten how to recycle. Minibeasts are dyeing and gradually becoming
extinct. If minibeasts become extinct this could have a major effect on
the whole world.
Need- Using recycled materials; you need to design an ultimate minibeast
which is designed to help clean up the pollution and save world.
Materials- Milk bottles
Cans / fizzy bottles
Water bottles
Ice block sticks
Milk bottle lids/ bottle caps
Card board
Glad wrap
Tin foil
Wrapping paper
Ice cream lid
Consideration* Respect other class mates personal working space.
 Have an original Minibeast creation.
 Share equipment
 Plan carefully and with lots of detail.
* Safe use of equipment- glue gun
- scissors