water bottle rules water_bottle_rules

Studies show that being hydrated helps your brain learn. I want
you to have access to water at all times for this reason. This is
why I need you to follow the rules of water bottle usage.
1. Only water in your bottle. No adding packets or other liquids.
2. Bottles can be refilled before school and during breaks.
3. If bottle becomes a distraction you will lose it for the day. The bottle will
be put in time out.
4. Water bottles are not to be shared.
5. Water bottles with holes cut in the top will be thrown away. Water bottles
need a lid that closes completely and does not leak.
6. Water bottles found on the floor will be thrown away or asked to be taken
7. Water bottles do not leave the classroom for specialists or any other
I, _________________________, agree to follow the rules of water bottle
usage in our classroom.
Signed by: _________________________________
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