S Allan - DTP exam prep - Technology in the Mearns

DTP Exam Prep
•The background image is a
valley to make it look natural.
•The flashbar has been
changed to orange and has
been faded more at the right
side so you can see the
•The text has changed to
make flow better and the title
has been made to look like it’s
a liquid.
•The bottle has been given a
white shadow to give the bottle
more presence on the page.
•The photograph of the girl gives
contrast to the rectangular layout.
•The perfume bottles are given a
mirrored base which is faded
slightly and is in front of the blue
square to give it more depth and to
make it look more real
•The blue square is used to draw
your attention to the perfume
bottles and it brings depth to the
•The text is a large decorative font
that has impact and shows that it’s
a feminine product.