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Dark Matter, Dark Energy and Normal Matter

Dark Matter, Dark Energy
By: Kaleb
What is Dark Matter
Dark matter 25% of all matter and dark matter is invisible. Dark matters cannot be detected at
the moment. In outer space it is believed that dark matter contributes to the gravity. It is
believed that darkness sometimes moves faster than the speed of light. Most scientists believe
that dark matter is made of non-baryonic matter. Scientists also believe that dark matter is not
easily detected because it is a WIMP (Weakly Interacting Massive Particles. Some Scientists
believe that Axion Matter may be the same as Dark Matter because they share many
characteristics such as they are both dark and they are both very elusive matters
Dark Energy
In cosmology and astronomy dark energy is an unknown form of energy which
theoretically enhances the speed of which the world expands that and it also pulls
galaxies further away from each other. Dark energy is about 70% of all matter. A
common mistake people make is that dark energy is negative energy however it is
not but it does react as if it was negative energy. Dark energy and matter are
important things human kind must discover because it might revolutionize our
power usage and may help rid the world of nuclear energy
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