Nature of Science Pre Assessment

Nature of Science Assessment1
1. Science includes aspects of…
a. Science and Technology
b. Technology and Math
c. Science, Technology, and Math
d. Just Science
2. Science can be defined as a particular way of…
a. Observing
b. Thinking
c. Experimenting
d. Validating
e. All of the above
3. True or False-Science is a continually growing body of knowledge that builds
upon and challenges past ideas.
4. True or False-Scientists believe that the universe is a single system that is
5. True or False-Scientific ideas are not subject to change.
6. True or False-Scientific knowledge is durable and based on evidence.
7. True or False-Science can provide answers to all questions.
8. True or False-All scientists follow the scientific method.
Constructed from Science for All Americans, Chapter 1-The Nature of Science, 1989, by the American
Association for the Advancement of Science.
9. True or False-Science relies on both quantitative and qualitative data.
10. True or False-Scientists rely only on machines and technical instruments to
collect data and evidence.
11. True or False-Science is a collection of facts that does not involve imagination.
12. True or False-Science can explain, but not predict.
13. True or False-Scientists try to avoid bias.
14. True or False-Science is authoritarian and scientists are never wrong.
15. True or False-Science is a social activity.
16. True or False-Science is divided into different disciplines that are unrelated.
17. True or False-There are no generally accepted ethical principles in science.
18. True or False-Scientists participate in society as specialists and citizens.