How to write your Procedures list properly



The incomplete procedures list on this page is simply your plan for how you are going to perform your experiment. You may need to go back and change some things after you carry out the experiment – telling what you did exactly. Writing detailed experimental procedures is very important in science. Scientists must be able to reproduce the results reported by other scientists in order for research to be taken seriously. Be sure you include specific information about the methods you use, such as amounts, sizes, types of materials, temperatures, and data collection techniques.

Example: 1. Fill three 10 in. flower pots with the same type soil.

2. Put 7 seeds in each pot and spread them out evenly

3. ……… (continue with as many additional steps as your experiment requires)

Here is a list of guidelines to follow in writing your procedure:

Be sure to break your procedure into short, easy-to-follow steps.

Start each step with a verb, or action word .

Each step should be a complete sentence and must have punctuation at the end.

Write your procedure so it is clear enough for someone else to use as instructions for repeating your experiment.