Questions for Motivation and Emotion 2010

Questions for Motivation and Emotion
Please note that these questions are complicated and require some critical thinking and
good writing on your part. These are not to be answered in one sentence, but should take
more of the form of a discussion.
1. Discuss the evolutionary basis of emotion. In what ways is it apparent in males
and in females. (This requires some thinking.)
2. Explain the differences between the James-Lange Theory, the Cannon-Bard
Theory, and Schacter’s Two Factor Theory.
3. Why are some people happier than others? Relate the following to subjective
well-being: Goal-setting, adapting to the environment, and personality, and an
evolutionary perspective.
4. Discuss aggression and how it is affected by gender, stress, and culture.
5. Explain the motives of curiosity and exploration,AND manipulation and contact
(including the Harry Harlow study),
6. Discuss the biological, cultural, and psychological contributions to eating
7. What is drive-reduction theory?
8. What is arousal theory? Relate the Yerkes-Dodson Law to something in your life.