Helpful Instructor Tips for Using the Practical Guide

Helpful Instructor Tips for Using the Practical Guide: This is only a guide- make it
your own
1. you have over 10-15 students suggest making it a 4 day class
2. Instructor ratio 1:4 with at least 2-3 class assistants (to set up all exercises and
assist students)
3. Classroom facility is close to parking area with open access to and from buildings
(locked facility and practice cars at a significant distance from the classroom will
eat up more time)
4. Know vehicles and their features prior to class (if you are able to contact students
prior to class) to assure that you have a variety of belt systems available
5. Assure teaching team reviews all assignments, activities before class begins and is
flexible to change agenda as needed throughout the course
6. Go through chapter by chapter with instructor team to determine all needs prior to
7. Have activities structured with teaching assignments to assure consistency (for
example, Exercise in Chapter 4, have index cards with pre-determined teaching
assignment/message per vehicle with 1 assigned lead and standard message)
8. In Chapter 11: Focus on demonstrating proper booster seat installation because
booster seat installation is not required in skills evaluation #2
9. In role playing chapter 14, incorporate a role play activity that demonstrates an
installation from start to finish as would occur at a checkup event. Replay the
video with 2 scenarios found in Chapter 1-13. Have students compare video one
and two at this time.