Classroom Evaluations and Audits

Classroom Evaluation and Audits
During the two weeks prior to final exams, the department will conduct its student evaluation. On a day of your
choice, during the last two weeks of class, the department secretary or coordinator will send a student or come to
class and hand out survey forms for the students to fill out. Evening hour classes’ instructors may be asked to
conduct evaluations themselves with the help of a student. This survey includes information about the textbook,
the course, the instructor and so forth. This evaluation will take approximately 15-20 minutes, during which time
you should leave the room. After all survey forms are completed, you may return to the room and conduct your
class session. These survey forms will be available to you, at the end of the semester. The department uses these
forms to evaluate the effectiveness of textbooks, teaching methods, techniques, etc.
At least once each academic year, a department professor will visit each new instructor’s class, to audit the class.
These observations are generally unannounced, but will be as unobtrusive as possible. The professor will have an
observation form to complete, which will be placed in your personnel file as part of your teaching record at IU
Northwest. You will also receive a copy of this form for your own records. You are free to discuss these forms with
your department chair at any time. New adjuncts are encouraged to visit veteran IU Northwest instructor’s
classrooms and to discuss their teaching experiences.