Greek day for Poplar
On Wednesday 26th March, Poplar class went back in time to
the time of Ancient Greeks.
In assembly a lady showed us where the Ancient Greeks came
in the time line. Carla, told us how Athens got its name after
Athena the Greek Goddess, in a competittion.
A few minutes later Carla came into Poplar and gave them a
talk about the Ancient Greeks and what they ate. The whole
class said that they loved that. Next Carla ground some wheat
and made it into flour. Katie said that it was very hard to grind
the wheat.
Later on in the lesson we all got given a plain piece of foam,
shaped like a pizza, and we had to think what the Greek people
would eat and put it on the piece of foam. It was amazing third
to see all the food we would have missed out on if we lived in
Greek times.
Later on they went into the hall and got to wear Greek armour
for a game. They had to dodge the balls. Everyone said that it
was the best part of the day, or maybe one of the best!!!