PP Mediation (MS Word 930k)

Updated November 2009
GVOC’s role as an Independent Intermediary
This information sheet is intended to provide clarification for GVOC staff and
voluntary organisations on the assistance that GVOC can provide when
communication breaks down or when disagreements arise in voluntary organisations.
GVOC is NOT in a position to provide a mediation or arbitration service for voluntary
groups in Gateshead. This is because: Our staff are not trained or qualified to carry out this task
 There are insurance and legal implications
While there are occasions when an independent body is needed to mediate or
arbitrate, our role is to encourage organisations to deal with difficulties themselves,
as they arise.
GVOC staff can:
Listen impartially and explore the situation within the boundaries of GVOC’s
confidentiality policy. A copy of this can be obtained from reception staff.
Offer relevant advice on good practice in areas such as employment, staff and
volunteer management, resolving conflict and charity law, OR suggest sources
or specialist advice on employment law, charity law.
Provide training on good practice in voluntary organisations, with the aim of
preventing disputes from arising in the first place.
Provide information to groups about mediation and arbitration services
For further information
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