Social Enterprise Business Models-workshop- FINAL

Social EBusiness Models
Social Enterprise
30th July 2010
Venue: SACOMA Office 108 Cranbrook road
Charges: £ 100
Make a bigger impact, earn independent income and become more sustainable!
In line with the new economic challenges SACOMA Social enterprise Workshop aims to be representative
and responsive to meet the many diverse needs of the Voluntary Sector so that the community can benefit
from the Economic and social benefits through many initiatives whether through the supply chain,
community involvement projects, financial inclusion programmes for catalyst of economic and social
Objective is to clearly relay
What a social enterprise is
How it is different from existing operating models
Why the social enterprise model is preferential from other models such as a charity, community
interest company, company limited by guarantee etc.
Government funding cuts! What next?
We will highlight
 The successful organisation who demonstrate they are ‘pedigree’ in the field and also provide
examples of social enterprise we believe to be successful and the reason(s) for their success.
 Examine the opportunities unique to each organisations
 Competitors to be identified and saturated markets discounted.
 Inclusive also is the need to examine if it is viable and sustainable to
 How to support/nurture a social enterprise from start up through to delivery or
 Supporting social enterprise through procurement or
 Other options such as franchise opportunities.
 Social Franchising and Incubation
A range of practical tools and strategies to develop and implement a profitable strategy that moves
away from dependence on grants
Adopting the winning strategies to break down ceilings and overcome challenges to achieve smart,
efficient growth without stretching resources
Who should attend?
The workshop will be delivered by Perez Ochieng who is a social entrepreneur. She will clearly relay the
merits of ‘social enterprise’ to the target audience and clearly provide robust business analysis for the
reason why organisations should consider this model. Much deliberation and discussion surrounds ‘Social
Enterprise’ and there are many differing interpretations. Similarly there are many existing organisations
operating under this title that would not immediately stand out as such.
Social Enterprise
The definition of social enterprise, is as follows, “a business with primarily social objectives, whose
surpluses are principally reinvested for that purpose in the business or in the community, rather than being
driven by need to maximise profits for shareholders”
Target audience
This workshop is for people who are looking to understand what a ‘Social Enterprise’ is and how to take
advantage of this model to survive in the context of opportunities available. How to exploit the opportunities
in the current economic, social, political environmental. People who are interested in social enterprise,
thinking of starting a social enterprise or growing an existing one. Managers of voluntary organisation
seeking to consider social enterprise and who want to develop theirs voluntary / charitable organizations.
Who want to make a bigger impact in their community, earn independent income and become more
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