“Building Quality Jobs in the Recovery”

Presentation to
Oireachtas Health and
Children Committee on
work of National Youth
Council of Ireland
James O’Leary President and
James Doorley, Deputy Director
May 29th 2014
National Youth Council of Ireland is representative
body of voluntary youth organisations
NYCI's vision “is one where all young persons are
empowered to develop the skills and confidence
to fully participate as active citizens in an inclusive
48 member organisations working in every
40,000 volunteers & 1,400 full time staff
382,000 young people aged 10-24 participating in
the services and activities of our members
NYCI led by voluntary board with 19 full & part
time staff
Our Work
Representing the interests and supporting the
work of voluntary youth work organisations
 Promoting the value of youth work and non-formal education
in the lives of young people
 Undertaking research and analysis of the role and contribution
of youth work services in Ireland-e.g. Indecon report
 Bringing a collective voice to Government on practice and
policy issues-through NYWAC, policy, budget issues
 Enhancing youth work practice through providing training for
youth leaders, youth workers & organisations
 Promoting and supporting the implementation of the National
Quality Standards Framework
 Operating the Child Protection Protection in youth sector
Our Work
Uses it collective experience to act on issues affecting
young people
 Youth unemployment-working with young jobseekers/members to
propose solutions-Early promoters of youth guarantee
 Alcohol misuse-members of Govt committee-supported action on
price, promotion and availability of alcohol
 Emigration-exploring experience of young emigrants and
promoting strategy to prepare for return migration.
 Youth mental advocating for implementation of “A Vision for
Change” support for suicide awareness & positive mental health
 Equality-legislative change to include young people under 18 in
equality act & measures to tackle racism and discrimination
 Active Citizenship-promoted participation of young people in
democratic life-just finished our “Promote the Vote” Campaign for
local and European elections.
Brighter Outcomes, Better Futures
Acknowledge legacy of Minister Fitzgerald and look
forward to working with Minister Flanagan.
Welcome publication of new National Policy
Framework for Children and Young People
Welcome commitment by DCYA to develop a
distinct Youth Strategy based on this document
1st time we have had dedicated youth strategy
Very important because all independent analysis
from NESC, OECD tell us children & young people
have suffered most during recession
Important to have vision and plans-but if these are
to make a difference need political will & resources
Youth Work
Youth sector working with up 382,000 young people
aged 10-24-that’s 43.3% of age cohort
Ireland has highest % in EU of young people
participating in youth club/organisations
53.3% socially or economically disadvantaged
40,000 volunteers and 1,400 full & part time staff
Indecon found that for every €1 invested state saves
€2.22-prudent estimate
Youth Sector suffered disproportionate cuts from
2008-2014 from €73.1m to €49.78m or 31.8%
Severe impact on services and supports to datereally concerned at impact of further cuts to services
Youth Employment
Working on issue since start of economic crisis
Consulted with young jobseekers, held
conferences, produced two reports.
From 2010 promoted youth guarantee
Welcome progress towards implementation of YG in
2013-Concerned at pace of implementation since
90% of the jobs created last year were for people
with 3rd level-need to address needs of LTU
30,000 young people aged 18-25 on live register for
12 months or more-high priority
Need to focus not only on quantity of opportunitiesbut also quality
Alcohol Misuse
Young people starting to drink at earlier age, more
frequently and higher strength products
High levels of binge drinking have immediate
negative impact & do long term damage.
In 2009 we produced a report showing impact of
alcohol advertising on young people
Participated in National Substance Misuse Strategy
Group-support proposals to introduce minimim
price, restrict advertising availability of alcohol.
International evidence suggests that these would
reduce harmful drinking among young people
Concerned at slow pace of implementation.