Journal Topics - Moorpark College

Baker, Barbara
Extra Journal Topics – Student Suggestions
1. If you could go back in time, which period of history would you choose t live in and why?
2. How do you feel about technology? Has it helped or hurt you personally? Has it helped society
at large?
3. Is there anything you want to accomplish in the future? What can you do to help you achieve
4. Personality is always deemed just as important, if not more important , than attractiveness. But
how true is that statement? Do you place more value on the character of an individual or the
appearance? You may have friends with diverse looks, but would you marry someone of a
different race, religious affiliation or socioeconomic status? Are your feelings reflective your
parents’ belief or you own personal convictions?
5. Do you believe in fate? Do you believe in a diving guiding hand? Or do you believe things
happen because of luck?
6. What is your perspective of yourself in relation to the world? Between the vastness of our
oceans and the minuteness of insects, where do you fit in?
7. Throughout your day, be it a wonderful or sluggish one, do you tend to focus on the positive
aspects or the negative aspects of your day?
8. How do you feel about our environmental problems? Should one take a stand against the
degradations of our mother earth, or is it a problem for later generations?
9. How have decisions that you’ve made later affected your life? Have things worked out for the
better or worse? Would you make the same decisions again based on what happened later?
10. Do you have prejudices? Do you think everyone has prejudices? How does prejudice affect
how you judge people?
11. If you could have lunch with one person dead or alive, who would it be? Why? What would
you ask them?
12. If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be? Why? Is it safe?
13. What do you think about all the controversy about the violence, sex, and language on the
television shows?
14. You have twenty-four hours to live. How will you spend your last day?
15. What is your earliest recollection of life? Where were you, and what were you doing? Who, if
anyone was near or around you at the time? Recall the incident vividly.
16. Describe your favorite present or gift. What was it and what did you like about it. When did
you receive it, and who gave it to you.\? What has happened to it since?
17. What frightens you and why?
18. If you had a million dollars, what would you do with it? Would you spend it on yourself,
others, or charities? Would you save a portion? If so, how would you invest it?
19. Are you a risk taker or would you describe yourself as one that follows rules? To what extent
to you go if you do take risks? What risks have you taken? Any danger involved?
20. What are your thoughts on 9/11, the war in Afghanistan, Muslim terrorism, and the war in
21. What are your thoughts on the Middle Eastern conflict with Israel and Palestine?
22. What are your views on stem cell research? What morals need to be addressed regarding
artificial human reproduction?
23. What is your ultimate vacation spot? What interests you most about this place? When do you
plan to go?
24. What are your views on the security enforced at concerts and shows? Are rights being
violated or does it ensure safety?
25. What are your views on Internet security? Is the Internet a safe place for children?
26. How do you feel about X-box and interactive computer games? What do they contribute to
one’s development? How have they affected recent generations? Are you addicted to them? If so,
what is your goal?
27. If you were to make your own television series, what would it be like? How could you keep
the series fresh?
28. What goals and ideas have you abandoned over time? What made you leave them behind?
29. Whom do you love? Why?
30. Do you have an enemy? What are each person’s reasons for the hostility?