"Future Education:
Our Youth; Our Investment"
Nicole Taylor
February 23, 2014
The future of education lies in the hands of parents and
families. To create a better world we have to equip the youth
with the ability to handle the obstacle to come as they
prepare for the challenges they may face when entering the
workforce, starting their careers and living their life. Equipping
the new generation is much different than how it was with
past generations. Now they have newer and better tools that are designed specifically for an early age.
Learning activities are integrated into toys, electronic learning devices, computers, cell phone etc.
Parents are even using the smart phone helps engage kids to learn.
Technology has truly changed the game of education. So why not take advantage of that? While the new
generations may have some of the same types of challenges to overcome, now they are more complex,
integrated with technology and come sooner. To become the best that they can be, providing them with
the core ability and allow full access of any type of tools that could come in handy for them to stay
afloat on this voyage of education. Become a productive, contributing citizen to society. The youth of
today have a better chance to be prepared now than ever been before. Early education can advance a
child's ability to comprehend more complex ideas at an earlier age. In "Early Childhood Education," the
National Education Association shows all of the positive outcomes of education for a child at an early
stage of life.
The outcomes are astonishing! It is a great investment for our country. So why not invest in our future?
Reprinted from Scholarly Voices
Last updated on 24 July 2014
Photo Credit: Mpande