Purification of phosphorus and sulfur containing gases by

Purification of phosphorus and sulfur containing gases by the
method of reagent – sorption
Purpose of project:To reduce the negative effects of pollutants
and to save our planet
XXI century will be largely devoted to an economically secure and, most
importantly, low-cost, sound processing of materials and waste to receive their
base useful and necessary products for society. Protecting air and water is a global
environmental aim even more difficult in a dry and densely populated area.
Man has been polluting the atmosphere nearly for millennium, but the
consequences of the use of fire, in that period were negligible. This is a primary air
pollution problem is not represented, because when people lived in small groups,
occupying extensive pristine natural environment. Only in the last hundred years
of industry "bestowed" us such production processes, the effects of which first
people could not even imagine. Basically, there are three major sources of
atmospheric pollution: industry, household boilers, transport. Now generally
accepted that industrial production is the main cause of air pollution. Atmospheric
pollutants are divided into primary, (coming directly to the atmosphere), and
secondary, (resulting from the transformation of the past). It means that if we don’t
purify pollutants before coming to the atmosphere they will react with air and may
form another pollutant which is more harmful gases.
For our research we have chosen the most harmful gases such us hydrogen
sulfide and phosphine to be purified. The solution that we recommend is very
economic and non-wastable. This solution consists of copper sulfate and iron
sulfate because of their reactional abilities. Theoretical this reaction flows like this:
When copper sulfate reacted with hydrogen sulfide produced copper sulfide in
weak acid forms deposit. It can be later separated from weak acid and reused. The
same process happens to iron sulfate. The product that we have at the result end of
purification can later be successfully used. As the result of this experiment
hydrogen sulfide gas is rendered harmless up to 97.8% and phosphine up to 98.1%
the rest 2% of gas in the atmosphere and is harmless dissolves.
As the result we are not only purify gases but get matter from them, which are
reusable. And we can use them in different kind of industry.
Concultion: We observed and found that in our project the negative effects of
H2S and PH3 were reduced as 98%.