SCI 100 - Meteorology

SCI 100 – Meteorology: Chapter 1 Focus
Questions and Topics to Study
List the four most abundant gases in today’s atmosphere.
What are the two most abundant greenhouse gases in the earth’s atmosphere?
On the basis of temperature, list the four layers of the atmosphere from the lowest layer to the
highest layer (above the ground).
What atmospheric layer contains all of our weather?
In what layer of the atmosphere do we find the highest concentration of ozone?
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Chapter 1 Questions and Topics to Study (cont’d)
What is the ionosphere and where is it located?
How does weather differ from climate?
Which of the following statements relate more to weather and which relate more to climate?
(a) The summers are warm and humid.
(b) Cumulus clouds presently cover the entire sky.
(c) Our lowest temperature last winter was –29C (-18F).
(d) The air temperature outside is 22C (72F).
(e) December is our foggiest month.
(f) The highest temperature ever recorded in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania was 44C (111F)
on July 10, 1936.
(g) Snow is falling at a rate of 5 cm (2 in.) per hour.
(h) The average temperature for the month of January in Chicago, Illinois is - 3C (26F).
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Chapter 1 Additional Key Terms and Concepts
Lapse Rate
Temperature Inversion
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