Mythology Center

Activity Choices
Directions: Choose one or more of the activities
below to do while you are at the Mythology Center.
 Read a Greek myth short story, and answer the
questions that go with it. Then, make up a quiz for
another student to answer after reading that myth.
 Read a Greek myth in a book.
 Create an illustration for your favorite part of a Greek
 Test your knowledge of Greek mythology by taking
the Greek gods and goddesses quiz.
 Look at the Mythology Fandex to learn more about
characters from different myths.
 Do the Mythology Match-Up
activity by comparing people you
know to the characteristics given to
the Greek gods and goddesses.
Name: ___________________________________
The Greeks gave each god and goddess human characteristics. Think of people who
you know that have some of the same characteristics as the 12 Olympian gods and
goddesses, and fill in the blanks below. Put a person’s name in the first blank and a
Greek god or goddess’s name in the second blank. There are no right answers, but you
must give reasons (because___________) to explain your answers! 
My dad
is like
he is strong, he protects us, and you don’t want to make him mad!
1. __________________ is like _________________ because
2. __________________ is like _________________ because
3. _________________ is like __________________ because
4. __________________ is like __________________because
5. __________________ is like _________________ because
6. __________________ is like _________________ because
7. Now, tell which Greek god or goddess you are most like:
I am like ___________________________________ because